1135 North Washington Street, Van Wert, Ohio 45891

 Telephone: 419-238-7767

Our Mission: The mission of the Solid Waste Management District is to provide waste reduction services and opportunities in a manner that exceeds the expectations of its customers and the communities it serves.


*All material dropped off must be free of cords, wires, cans and bottles, glass bulbs, strings, bags and all other materials that are not woody or herbaceous vegetation.  

*Mechanized loading equipment not belonging to the District, City of Van Wert , or Van Wert County engineer is prohibited.

 *Regular compost, wood mulch and firewood may be loaded using hand tools at no cost or by District equipment with applicable fee. Customer must show receipt prior to loading.

  *All woody vegetation 24 inches or greater in diameter must be 24 inches or less in length.

 *All woody vegetation 5 inches or greater in diameter is considered firewood and should be offloaded in the area designated for firewood.

 *All firewood must have small branches and twigs removed.   

 *Woody vegetation less than 3 inches in diameter must be offloaded in the area designated for brush.

 *Root balls and masses must be free of soil and cut into pieces no larger than 2 foot by 3 foot.

 *Dimensional (construction) lumber is not accepted.


 *Unprocessed firewood is available free to Van Wert area residents.

 *Loading charge for compost and wood mulch: $24.00 per scoop using the backhoe bucket.

*Loading charge for premium compost and wood mulch: $20.00 per scoop using the backhoe bucket.  

 *Free loading services for normal products are provided to nonprofits and other individuals and organizations at the Districts discretion.

 *Commercial tree trimmers brush dumping charge:

1.     $25.00 for all one ton or greater vehicles

2.     $10.00 for trucks, trailers and/or other hauling equipment less than one ton.

3.     $20.00 for pickup trucks less than 1 ton with equivalent capacity trailer.

4.     Fees do not apply to firewood offloaded in the designated firewood area.


 The Van Wert Solid Waste Management District (District) operates a Class IV composting facility (Facility) at 1135 North Washington Street , Van Wert , Ohio . The Facility, located adjacent to the District Recycling Center and material handling facility, processes in excess of three thousand tons of source-separated yard waste annually. The finished products are made available to District residents as compost, firewood and wood mulch.

 Residents assume all liability for injury to person and/or property while using District facilities and services. The District reserves the right to refuse Facility access and use to any individual, government entity, private business, company, corporation or institution that violates the rules and conditions set forth herein. District staff must be notified prior to and upon completion of using power equipment at Facility.  

 In addition to the local rules and guidelines, the State of Ohio has specific regulations regarding registered solid waste composting facilities. The detailed requirements for Class IV composting facilities can be found in Rules 3745-27-40 through 3745-27-47 of the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC).

 Class IV composting facilities are those which accept only source-separated yard waste as feedstock. Source-separated means yard waste that has been separated at the point of generation or collection from other solid waste. Yard waste refers to the following waste: brush, garden waste, grass clippings, holiday trees, leaves, pruning from trees or shrubs, tree trunks and small stumps.

 In addition, Class IV composting facilities can use the following source-separated bulking agents and additives: wood chips, straw, sawdust, shredded brush, shredded newspaper, shredded cardboard, stover, biodegradable containers, urea, and bacterial/fungal inoculum. Wood that has been treated with preservatives containing arsenic or chromium is not acceptable as bulking agent.

  Industrial/agricultural processing wastes, such as discarded fruits, vegetables, or foliage, are not considered yard waste. Vegetative wastes resulting from clearing of construction sites are considered yard waste.

 For the purpose of this document herbaceous vegetation includes grass, leaves, flowers, and vegetable garden vegetation. Woody vegetation includes trees and shrubs, brush, holiday trees, tree trunks and small stumps free of soil.

 The Facility freely accepts source-separated yard waste and provides processing services to District residents. Operational cost for said services are included in the annual improved parcel assessment applied to all District households, fees applied to commercial tree companies, and loading fees. The District also provides source-separated yard waste drop-off and processing services to for-profit entities, government units, and institutions.   

 Mechanized assistance can be provided to move large pieces of firewood if an operator is available.

 Cut and split firewood is available for sale when available. Prices are posted inside the District office.

 The District Policy Committee, Van Wert County Board of Commission, and appointed administrator fully reserve the right to make exceptions and changes to the rules and conditions set forth herein. 

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